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carbide insert knives
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15x15x2.5 mm 6'' Radius Edges Carbide Insert Disposable Knife With Rounded Corners 10 Pk

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Priced Per 10 Pk. Can Do Combination Kit.


Shape - Square radius
Length - 15 mm
Width - 15 mm
Thickness - 2.5 mm
Holes - 1 countersunk hole
Bevel - 30 degree
Cutting Edges - 4 radius cutting edges ( 6'' with rounded corners)
Material - C3 carbide
Face - mirror polished

Advantages than HSS knife

-Mirror face polished for smoother sharper cutting, smaller chips, lower noise and less horse power requirement.

-One cuttng edge can last 10 times tool life than straight HSS knife blade, four sided design can last 40 times longer than straight HSS life .

-Inexpensive carbide cutter can be rotated or replaced in a few minutes when it gets dull or chipped, no need to shut down for a long time like HSS planer knife .When you happen to plane a nail or staple, there is no necessary to replace knives the full length of your planer or jointer cutterhead. Replace the 2 or 3 small knives that were affected and you are ready to get back to work. When one edge getting dull, just rotate the blades to a new cutting edge, and you can back to work .


Replacement alternative solid carbide insert disposable knives 15x15x2.5mm R150 are offered for woodworking spiral helical cutterheads like Titan Shear Cutterhead, Hermance Helix Cutterhead, Woodmaster Tools, Sheartak Cutterhead, SCMI Xylent Cutterhead, MARTIN Xplane cutterhead and other woodworking applications.