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About Us

Who We Are

We are a private owned factory, manufacturing and supplying carbide insert cutter knives since 2006 for woodworking jointer and thicknesser planer machines with spiral sheix helical cutterhead, mouder shaper cutter head, rabate head, insert router bits, carbide tipped woodturning tools, carbide scraper, custom made machine knives, and lots of spiral helical shelix cutterhead for old straight blade machines to upgrade, and more.

Products We Produce 

Woodworking carbide insert knives for planer thicknesser or jointers machines with spiral helical shelix cutterhead, spiral or shear helical cutterhead and insert router bits.

Replacement round, square, radius and diamond shape woodturning carbide cutters and carbide tipped woodturning tools.

High precision grounded, special carbide planer blades for many brands famous portable electric planers.

Heavy-duty tungsten carbide scraper and replacement blades for precision scraping work like removing paints, glues, varnish and rust off wood, metal,and more.

Custom made carbide profile knives, carbide burs, industrial slitter blades, and more. 

Service We Supply

We promise all the time superior quality of our products and make sure every time you buy through us, you can get the best products available at the best price. 

We have large stock of standard carbide insert knives, can ship the goods to you in very short time even ship the same day after payment confirmed.