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carbide insert knives 5 degree bevel heavy duty cutterhead
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30x12x2.5mm 5 Degree Bevel Carbide Insert Cutter Knife 6 Pk

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Priced Per 6 Pk. Can Do Combination Kit.


Shape - rectangular
Length - 30 mm
Width - 12 mm
Thickness - 2.5 mm
Holes - 2
Bevel - 35 degree
Cutting Edges - 2 straight cutting edges (5 degree bevel)
Material - C3 carbide
Face - mirror polished

Advantages than HSS knife

-Mirror face polished for smoother sharper cutting, smaller chips, lower noise.

-One cuttng edge can last 10 times tool life than straight HSS knife blade, four sided design can last 20 times longer than straight HSS life .

-Inexpensive carbide cutter can be rotated or replaced in a few minutes when it gets dull or chipped, no need to shut down for a long time like HSS planer knife .When you happen to plane a nail or staple, there is no necessary to replace knives the full length of your planer or jointer cutterhead. Replace the 2 or 3 small knives that were affected and you are ready to get back to work. When one edge getting dull, just rotate the blades to a new cutting edge, and you can back to work .


Long wearing solid carbide insert knives 30x12x2.5mm with four 5 degree bevel are offered for planer and jointer machines with heavy duty cutterhead like Powermatic , Cantek, NorthTec, ShearTak, CTS, General International, ChunTECH, HD, OAV, GRIZZLY, LOBO Machijnery, Shopfox, Magnum Industrial, WOODTEC, insert carbide router bits, rebate cutter, and other woodworking applications.